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Mar 20, 2024

In this Cancering episode, Dr. JYP is joined by oncologist Dr. Ayesha Munir as they tackle the complex and crucial topic of breast cancer and health disparities. Together, they explore the impact of socioeconomic status on health inequalities, the challenges faced by different racial groups in accessing breast cancer screening, and the concerning prevalence of triple-negative breast cancer among African American women. 

They discuss the research into the biological underpinnings of triple negative breast cancer and the promising developments in immunotherapy. This is an episode you won't want to miss as we unravel the layers of breast cancer, health disparities, and the path forward toward equitable healthcare access and improved outcomes.


3 Episode Key Takeaways

1. Health disparities significantly impact breast cancer outcomes and require national-level solutions and equitable healthcare access. African American women have a higher risk of triple negative breast cancer, highlighting potential biological differences and the impact of systemic racism. 

2. Immunotherapy shows promising results in improving outcomes for aggressive triple negative breast cancer. 

3. Stress and cortisol levels may impact disease biology, particularly in the Black population. 

Show Overview

01:00 Focus on immunotherapy breakthroughs.

04:35 Interest in health disparities, focusing on breast cancer.

07:53 Health disparities awareness and support for communities.

13:02 Improving outcomes amid breast cancer disparities.

16:36 Research suggests biological differences, with impact from systemic racism.

20:01 Progress in breast cancer treatment includes immunotherapy.

21:08 Immunotherapy improves outcomes for triple negative breast cancer patients.

32:15 Importance of providing financial relief for patients.