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May 11, 2020

On this special episode, Dr. J.Y.P. has a candid discussion with her friend and U.S.A. Health Mitchell Cancer Institute colleague Dr. Casey Daniel. Dr. Daniel's unique perspective from being a cancer survivor, researcher and now a supportive and concerned aunt of a cancer patient makes her the best guest to end the first season of the Cancering Show. Hear her amazing and inspirational personal history and experiences with cancer that led her to work with Dr. J.Y.P. and their research in cancer prevention at the Mitchell Cancer Institute. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening to the first season of the Cancering Show.


Key Takeaways:

> Dr. Casey Daniel is passionate and focused on never giving up her fight personally and professionally with cancer.

> Cancer affects everyone and touches every person. We are all in this fight together.

> Cancer survivorship has its own set of challenges to manage and live with.


Dr. Daniel Says:

Cancering is a verb. It's a journey. It's become a passion; it's become our lives. And it's something that I will spend the rest of my life focused on, impassioned about, and I'm never going to give up the cancer fight. - Dr. Casey Daniel 

Research shows that patient experiences are getting better from better treatments, more targeted treatments, more specific treatments. - Dr. Casey Daniel 

During treatment, I used to look forward to getting mail every day because I got something - a card or a package or something - and it just made me feel so loved. - Dr. Casey Daniel 


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