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Jul 16, 2019


Welcome to the Cancering Show. On this first episode, Dr. Mike Finan, a senior gynecologic oncologist and professor of interdisciplinary clinical oncology at USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute introduces you to the show's host, Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce, or "JYP" to many of her colleagues and friends. Dr. JYP is a GYN oncologist at the Mitchell Cancer Institute and also the program leader for the MCI Division of Cancer Control and Prevention. Dr. JYP shares her journey from medical school to the Mitchell Cancer Institute, what inspired her to become a doctor and oncologist, and what drives her today in cancer research and patient care.


Key Takeaways

  1. The Cancering Show is a medical education podcast that delivers more than just science, innovation, treatment and doctor speak.
  2. The purpose of the Cancering Show is to help demystify cancer and defeat its grip on our lives.
  3. Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce is a talented and well-respected GYN oncologist who is passionate about her research and patient care.
  4. The Cancering Show will include the voices of cancer patients, caregivers, researchers, family members, friends, nurses and doctors.
  5. We are all in this fight against cancer, and no one is alone.


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Quotables and Tweet-ables

GYN oncology is incredibly unique in the cancer realm. We are the only doctors who do both the chemotherapy and the surgery for women's cancers. - Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce

I wanted to care for patients when they were well and when they were very sick or even dying. - Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce

I have always wanted to make sure that I could follow my patients' entire cancer journey from diagnosis to survival or even to passing. - Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce

Cancering is being diagnosed with cancer, being affected by cancer, being a part of a family that is affected by cancer, a community that is affected by cancer, and all of those people are cancering in that moment. - Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce

We're going to discuss every aspect of the cancering journey, from people trying to prevent cancer in their families all the way to families that are coping with an imminent loss. - Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce

We want the listener to think of cancer as not just a moment in time, a moment of being better than you were before, living better, turning cancer from a negative into a positive for not just the patient, but the whole community. - Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce

We will bring in the patient voices, the caretaker voices, the nurses, the researchers, everybody together who is working maybe on one case or every case at MCI at the same time so that the patient knows that they're not alone. - Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce

In previous days, patients thought that they received the edict of what their treatment would be from on high, and in this day and age, it's a partnership. This is a team sport. - Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce

We hope that some of the listeners can understand better how to help and support their family members and how to know how to get access to these amazing cancer and health resources. - Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce


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