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Feb 13, 2020

Dr. Rod Rocconi on the Cancering Show

Studies have shown that if you're on a clinical trial, your survival and cancer outcome are actually better than just having standard care.- Dr. Rod Rocconi

Every significant cancer discovery has come from a clinical trial and the patients who have paid it forward to participate. On this episode, Dr. JYP and Dr. Rodney Rocconi, interim director of USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute, discuss the process, purpose, benefits and misunderstandings about cancer clinical trials. Dr. Rocconi explains this critical therapeutic and research tool that is essential to understanding and battling cancer on a personal and systemic level. A clinical trial involves testing new treatments, whether it is a new drug or a new combination of older therapies.

It's the patients themselves who hold the greatest benefit when we hit those singles and doubles, and hopefully home runs in our clinical trials.
- Dr. Rod Rocconi

Find out why Dr. Rocconi and Dr. JYP are proponents and fans of clinical trials and how clinical trials can provide the best care for patients in accordance with MCI's research mission.


Key Takeaways

– Clinical trials/studies are a standard of care, plus something extra that we hope will give an additional benefit to the patient.

– The first consideration of any clinical trial is always: first, do no harm.

– Every major discovery we've had in cancer has come on the shoulders of a clinical trial.

– Clinical trials improve care and treatment options for other current patients and those down the road.

– Patients are actually receiving treatment; we're trying to determine which regimen is better for that patient.

– Be in charge of your health care, and be an advocate for yourself.


The Docs Said:

The advantage of being at Mitchell Cancer Institute and other academic cancer centers is that you may be invited to participate in a clinical trial. - Dr. Rod Rocconi

We classify any type of patient research in two categories, one of which is what we call clinical research. The second is clinical trials. - Dr. Rod Rocconi

A clinical trial doesn't always mean something new. It could be an older medication that we are trying in a new way. - Dr. Rod Rocconi

Every major discovery we've had in cancer has come on the shoulders of a clinical trial. And that's a testament to the patients who are actually participating in them. - Dr. Rod Rocconi

The patient benefit is getting something new and different that we think might work better than our current treatment strategy. - Dr. Rod Rocconi

We're here to listen to our patients, listen to their concerns, talk about clinical trials -- which ones are good for them, which ones might not be good for them -- and help them through their cancer journey. - Dr. Rod Rocconi


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